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Tensilkut TL505 Lathe – Test bar Prep

Tensilathe/505 is a specialized, precision, heavy duty semiautomatic tracing lathe capable of turning bars up to 18” in length. The lathe bed is precision ground, cast iron, ensuring smooth movement of the tailstock and tracer. The Tensilathe/505 is powered by a 1HP motor, with infinitely variable speed from 100 to 1725RPM. A maximum spindle speed of 3000RPM can be achieved by changing pulley ratios.

The compact, hydraulic tracer operates on a valve independent of other functions, ensuring precise, instant response. Tracing and cutting of the specimen can be accomplished during forward and reverse travel. The tool holder mounted on the Tensilathe/505 uses standard disposable carbide inserts with or without chip breaker. A 3-jaw universal chuck is supplied with the unit; a 4-jaw, independent precision chuck is also available.

Precision master templates are accurately aligned and clamped independently above the hydraulic tracer to control the configuration of the test specimens to within +.0005". Straight templates can be used to rough bars from irregular stock, while contoured templates provide the proper dimensions and taper for machining the gauge section and shoulders. Standard master templates for the most commonly used samples are available; custom templates can be manufactured for virtually any specification needed.

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